Advanced Technology

The Incellderm collection is a cosmeceutical line due to its utilization of advanced pharmaceutical technology.

The liposome delivery system and microfluidizer technique transports Incellderm’s high quality, clean ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin. 

The Skin

Our skin contains several layers as it is the body’s protective barrier against unwanted intruders such as bacteria and viruses. This means that the skin’s job is to keep things out and is also the very reason why the average skincare line struggles to achieve high absorption rates.

The dermal layer of the skin is where our bodies' natural collagen, elastin and hylauronic acid reside. As the skin ages, these important elements start to degrade.

Damaged Skin

When the skin is damaged, it doesn’t just make us more vulnerable to allergens and viruses, but it also accelerates moisture loss. It's important to protect the surface of our skin by using sun protection, but it is equally important to strengthen our skin beneath the surface.

strengthen & regenerate skin barrier

For damaged skin barrier

When looking for a skincare line, ensure that you choose one that will help you regenerate the skin and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Going deeper

The Cell Membrane

At the cellular level of our skin, our cells have a membrane that looks like a double sided wall, which also acts as a protective barrier to keep us healthy. There are specific mechanisms in place that filters what can and cannot pass through this lipid bilayer membrane.

How it works

Liposome Delivery System

Through advanced pharmaceutical technology, liposomes or little capsules that also have a lipid bilayer, are created to transport skincare ingredients and release them once they are absorbed by the skin cells. Due to the similarity in structure of the liposomes to the human’s cell membrane, they can easily be absorbed or pass through the membrane so that the internal contents of the liposome can be released directly into the skin cell, allowing for deeper penetration, and higher absorption into the dermis. This technology is used in the Incellderm collection.

Microfluidizer Technology

The Microfluidizer Technology utilizes a high pressure, three-step process, to create even smaller, nanosized liposomes, which are more easily absorbed. These nanosized liposomes act as delivery vehicles for transporting substances into the body, allowing them to reach the deeper layers of the skin into the dermal layer of the skin, where our bodies' natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid reside.

This microfluidizer technology is exclusively utilized for the Radiansome™ 100 line. 

Our skin’s pore size ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 nanometers (nm). For reference, our hair follicles are 100,000nm, cells are 1000nm and Incellderm ingredients are 30-100nm. By making the liposomes that transport the ingredients really small, they are absorbed faster and penetrate deeper. This microfluidizer technology is exclusively utilized for the Radiansome100™ line that has the highest absorption rate in the Incellderm collection.