Clean Ingredients

Incellderm Collection

All Incellderm products contain Byungpool Energy Fluid consisting of Byungpool leaf water that is slowly extracted over 20 hours at 80 degrees celcius and infused with Jeju Lava Seawater.

Jeju lava sea water

Clean and clear water generated by the ancient sea of Jeju

Lava seawater is a unique underground water resource of Jeju that contains rich minerals and nutritive salts with almost no organic material or pathogens.

Byungpool Leaf

Centella Asiatica Leaf (Cica)

Incellderm’s proprietary Byungpool leaf, sourced directly from Jeju Island where the environmental conditions are the most optimal for cultivating the plant, contains a higher concentration of minerals and vitamins that benefit the skin than its original counterpart. Byungpool is widely known in the skincare industry for its pore minimizing, collagen enhancing, skin regenerating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Botalab Body & Scalp Collection

Botalab is a top-quality, premium, vegan collection.

No animal testing. No animal by-products.

Botalab Deserticola™

Certified Vegan Scalp Collection

The unique Deserticola formula is developed from resilient micro-algae that thrives in arid environments and has excellent water retention capabilities. Loliolide properties extracted from Deserticola also helps cleanse the hair while soothing, hydrating, and nourishing the scalp. 

Botalab Suamel

Certified Vegan Body Collection

SUAMEL = SUave + MEL(Glycolipids)

Hyalucollagen-3 (Collagen fused with Hyaluronic Acid) is hydroloyzed collagen fused with sodium hyaluronate, which helps restore the skin’s moisture balance, while eliminating signs of aging, increasing brightness, improving wrinkles and texture of the skin. 

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